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Country Cookin', Size 9 & NYC
(by Susan James)

As most of the Internet kingdom knows I went to NYC for the Madonna Concert, and I have spewed on and on about in many places, so I'll save you here from hearing more of that!

What I will offer to you is how I ate, how I felt, and what happened when I returned.

I traveled with my sister and brother in law, who's main source of entertainment is eating out, when they can. And since my sister is a country cook, that's the type of foods & places she preferred. Even down to the last possible place we could eat on the way back.

Also, a side note, my sister always orders tons of food. And what I know is, that she never eats it all, and then she wants me to eat part of it. So over a period of time, I have gotten smarter and ordered almost zilch when I eat out with her & then just eat part of hers ! She orders huge sandwiches, only eats half. And with the sandwich comes soup, fries, and her favorite ............dessert !

I'm someone who likes lighter things, like appetizer things, I can fill up on that stuff and have fun eating whatever it is.

So Long Story short, on the way to NJ/NY from VA, we had to stop for a Huge Breakfast at *Bob Evans*. All I wanted was Coffee. I had cereal before we left. So I just began telling everyone in the restaurant who could have cared less, that we were going to see Madonna. (Sorry, I cant help it!)

All I wanted was coffee but ended up with sausage biscuits, and what does my sister start doing? She fixes me a separate plate of part of her eggs and hash browns, so I start yelling, I don't want that! But I ate it. It would have gone to waste, as she was scarfing down that plus pancakes and some sugary crepe. (My sister is a size 9-7.smokes; works, very hard on her feet about 24 hours a day)

Okay so I already knew, what the next few days would hold, regarding food. Could I have *really* stopped it. Well Sure. But this trip was a fun thing for my sister as well. And I knew I could pull myself out of whatever I created for myself, upon my return. I repeat: I *knew* I could pull myself out.

So we get back from the trip, and I had major lethargy, and felt like I weighed a ton, & since I didn't get to do my normal water thing, I felt HUGE ! Was I huge? No, but I was not happy in that moment for the next 2 days.

So I begin. *Ok , this is it, its over. And I'll feel completely better in 2 days.* What did I do? Just as I always do. I went to mostly protein for 2 days, knowing this would remove the food cravings that I had created, and would remove the lethargy from what all of *that* did to me.

Repeat: I *knew* this would pull me through.

I am just like you here. I have things and folks that enter my space with different eating patterns. I pick & choose the ones I want to give in to. This one I chose to give in to. BUT part of the comfort and security in that Decision was *knowing* I could pull myself out, if I needed to.

That *knowing* comes from the writing & verbalizing that I do & understanding the mechanics behind it & why it works. I also have written in articles and books, that I no longer have to write *I am a Size 9* nor say it outloud, its just a part of who I am, now.

But I felt so *trashed* this time, that part of getting me back to *who I am* was I did begin writing *I am a size 9*, and committing to it verbally as well.

So, If your weight is not yet where you want it, and your *knowing* is not quite there, then you HAVE TO pour energy over it with your words & your focus. And as you are writing of what you want, and speaking of what you want, the magic begins. It just flows to you, due to the *mechanics* behind the word *focus*.


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