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The World's Most Expensive Clothes' Hanger

- by Melanie Mendelson

(c)Melanie Mendelson - All Rights Reserved


I often get e-mails from people asking what exercise machine they need to buy in order to start exercising. My answer to this is that no machine can magically make you exercise.

Some people exercise without any machines or equipment. Some people buy a machine, and use it for their workouts. But a huge number of people buy those expensive machines and end up using them as clothes' hangers!

The people who only use their exercise machines to hang their clothes usually feel guilty about not using them for their true purpose. But despite the guilt, most often they can't overcome their laziness. So the machine just ends up sitting there, taking up space and gathering dust. The owners don't get rid of it for a while, naively hoping that one day they will use it.

Then finally one day this machine is sold at a garage sale for a bargain price... and the new happy owner takes it away... The new owner uses it a few times, and then starts piling clothes on it. And the cycle continues.

Does it sound familiar?

So why do people do that? The answer is that they use the lack of an exercise machine to justify why they don't exercise. They think there is an external solution (exercise machine) to their internal problem (too lazy to exercise). After the machine is bought, the internal problem remains. A person who did not want to exercise without a machine is just as unlikely to exercise with a machine.

To avoid the waste of your money and the guilt trip, do the following:

* BEFORE you respond to that TV ad pitching the machine for the entire 30 minutes

* BEFORE you make that trip to the local sports store and listen to the salesman's lecture

* BEFORE you spend hours on the internet searching for exercise equipment reviews and opinions

.....ask yourself - will you REALLY use the machine on a regular basis?

Be honest with yourself, and you will save a lot of money, hassles and disappointment.

If you decide against buying an exercise machine, that certainly does not mean that you cannot start exercising right now. There are plenty of ways to exercise without any equipment. Some activities you can do are walking, jogging, rope jumping, stair climbing, dancing, free weights, pushups, situps and more.

Once you become more active and start exercising on a regular basis, you will have a more objective view on what kind of additional equipment you need. At this point, you will know exactly what machine to buy to bring your exercise program to a new level.

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